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Seed Money for the Growing Center!

Help us raise $400 and we’ll receive a matching grant of $400 from …only if we are one of the first 75 organizations to reach this goal! So please give today ~ this is a significant amount of money for our mostly-volunteer organization that does so much, for free, for everyone in the community.

Wreath Project Volunteers Needed

We’re seeking 10-15 volunteers to help out with various phases of our annual fun and fundraiser, the Wreath Project.  (And remember that helping to advertise the wreath sale to your friends is a great way to help if you don’t have time for other options. Link to order form below) There are many ways that [...]

Somerville Area Opportunities for Getting Outside with Kids

By: Claire Hoffman As every resident knows, the City of Somerville is extremely densely populated. With 76,000 people in 4.2 square miles, living quarters are tight. Houses are often packed next to each other, most without substantial yard space. In these conditions, it may be difficult to envision ways to get your family to experience [...]

Tips for Parents for Getting Outside with Kids

By: Claire Hoffman These blogs have focused on the benefits of children playing in nature. But how can children be expected to make a connection with nature, if the adults around them don’t give them an opportunity to do so? Children need a “nature mentor”, as Scott D. Sampson coined in his latest book How [...]

How Experiences in Nature Can Help Build Environmental Stewardship

By: Claire Hoffman In today’s world, climate change is an inescapable topic of conversation. When the Pope released a call for action to combat climate change it raised attention to this issue and it seems like Bill Nye launches a new awareness campaign about it each week. These topical news stories can even trickle down [...]

Collaborative Support for Children and Families Spending Time in Nature

By: Claire Hoffman This past summer, the Growing Center collaborated with the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative and Somerville Community Health Agenda to organize more programming for kids. Although the Growing Center has always been a place enjoyed by people of all ages, this unique partnership allowed new families to join its community. Through events like [...]

SFLC/FCGC Family Playgroups a great success!

By: Claire Hoffman This June, the Growing Center, in collaboration with the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative, hosted drop-in playgroups for young children. Various play stations were set up, including spots for arts & crafts and reading. But the main attraction was the outdoors itself. When asked about their kids’ favorite part of the playgroups, parents’ [...]

2015 Calendar of Events

2015 Children’s Programming

The Growing Center receives CPA funding

BIG NEWS! The Growing Center has received CPA funding! In 2012, the City of Somerville passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA). This Massachusetts initiative allows cities to create a steady funding source from residents that is matched (at various levels) by a state fund. Monies collected must be used to support affordable housing, historic preservation, [...]

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